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  • Danielle Foushée

I Forgot...

  1. Where I left my keys

  2. To put the wet clothes in the dryer

  3. To feed the dogs

  4. What temperature to set the oven

  5. To check the mail

  6. To show up for my appointment

  7. To take my meds

  8. To put salad dressing on the list

  9. Which towel I'm supposed to use

  10. To put the stick in the window

  11. To water the plants

  12. Your name

  13. Which way to go

  14. Why I came in here

  15. How to write a poem

  16. My laptop

  17. How old I am

  18. To put away the ice cream

  19. To turn off the sprinkler

  20. To close the garage door

  21. What time I’m supposed to be there

  22. To change the air filter

  23. To save the leftovers

  24. To reply to all those emails

  25. To call my grandmother

  26. To read the article you sent

  27. To write that thank you note

  28. The sound of my dad’s voice

  29. Why I was mad

  30. How many eggs go in the banana bread

  31. All the mean things you said

  32. About that promise I made

  33. My toothbrush

  34. Where we were that night

  35. The name of the movie I wanted to see

  36. The window measurements

  37. The process for getting reimbursed

  38. The lyrics to that 1980s pop song

  39. How cold 8°F is

  40. To replace the battery in the smoke detector

  41. Wash my face

  42. To put the cushions inside before it rained

  43. To lock the door

  44. Move my car

  45. To keep your secret

  46. To mail your birthday present

  47. To eat

  48. How to dance

  49. What you asked me to do

  50. Where we met before

  51. To get cash from the ATM

  52. To fill up my gas tank

  53. Where I left my phone

  54. How many times you had to tell me

  55. My password

  56. Where I bought this old thing

  57. How much I love your hugs

  58. All about that time we...

  59. To wear a mask

  60. Why I’m supposed to care

  61. How I got that scar

  62. My wallet

  63. To put on sunscreen

  64. How much I miss you

  65. To call you back

  66. We had plans

  67. To return those books

  68. What day it is

  69. The names of constellations I knew

  70. How to develop film

  71. I already bought this book

  72. What you wanted for dinner

  73. To listen

  74. To check my calendar

  75. To update my resumé

  76. To bring my pillow

  77. How I got here

  78. How much money we spent

  79. To get my hair cut

  80. My umbrella

  81. To put the milk back in the fridge

  82. To set an alarm

  83. To bring in all the groceries

  84. My coat

  85. About these old photos

  86. To wish you good luck

  87. To take out the trash

  88. To put a snack in my bag

  89. To go to the dentist

  90. What time the show started

  91. To meet my friend for lunch

  92. To charge my phone

  93. To blow out the candles

  94. To wash the conditioner out of my hair

  95. To let someone know the copier was out of paper

  96. The code to the back gate lock

  97. To look both ways

  98. That hilarious joke I wanted to tell

  99. To refill the ice trays

  100. My dreams

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