Danielle Foushee and her dogs

My Work + My Life:

Danielle Foushée is author, designer, public artist, and professor at Arizona State University. She founded and directs Phoenix Mural Project, a documentary project that captures artists’ oral histories and grassroots visual expressions in the city. She is obsessed with the artistry of landscapes — any landscape. She’s especially interested in human-generated mark-making in the environment: buildings, roads, tunnels, and signs… petroglyphs, graffiti, and initials carved in aspen bark … forests burned, rows of corn, and victory gardens. Babydolls tied to fences. Gnomes on front porches. Stamps in concrete, and words on paper.

Assistant Professor of Design / Graduate Faculty

Arizona State University

Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts

The Design School

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Phoenix Mural Project


  • MFA, Design

Cranbrook Academy of Art

  • MFA, Visual Studies

Pacific Northwest College of Art

  • MFA + MA, Creative Nonfiction + Rhetoric

Northern AZ University (in progress)