I Forgot...

Where I left my keys To put the wet clothes in the dryer To feed the dogs What temperature to set the oven To check the mail To show up for my appointment To take my meds To put salad dressing on the list Which towel I'm supposed to use To put the stick in the window To water the plants Your name Which way to go Why I came in here How to write a poem My laptop How old I am To put away the ice cream To turn off the sprinkler To close the garage door What time I’m supposed to be there To change the air filter To save the leftovers To reply to all those emails To call my grandmother To read the article you sent To write that thank you note The sound of my dad’s voice Why I was mad How many eggs

A Neighbor’s Scorn

The sun’s rays barely peeked over Sheep Hill this morning and I was already fired up. I walk a lot — every day at least two miles, often more. On weekdays I’m usually strolling with my dogs around our retro 1970s neighborhood in Flagstaff, Arizona. As I walk by each house I wonder who lives inside and what their lives are like. I know who has dogs and who has kids, who likes gardening, who’s a veteran, and who goes camping. I know my neighbors, even if I’ve never met them. They leave all kinds of things in their yards and driveways — and on the sidewalks. I step over their stuff, around it, and on top of it. My dogs sniff it and pee on it. Sometimes they try to eat it. Sometimes they succeed

The ‘Real’ Phoenix: Oak Street Alley

If you want a more authentic experience of Phoenix’s street art culture, you have to visit the grass-roots mural project in Oak Street Alle

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